Mobile Coating



Onsite Mobile Coating is the fastest and most cost-effective method to apply protective coatings to large industrial gas turbine components, including compressor rotors, bladed disks, stators, and cases.

The ultra-smooth, aerodynamic finish of SermeTel® coatings reduces fouling and corrosion, decrease fuel usage, and enhances compressor efficiency, even in heavily pitted units. With more than 24 million operating hours.


By coating portions of the entire assembled rotor on site, we can reduce your outage costs by eliminatting transportaion and shipping time delays and minimizing risk by keeping components on site all while improving the efficiency of your turbine.


SermeTel® coating consists of alumunium-filled chromate/phoshphate basecoat, sealed with a chemically inert chromate phosphate topcoat.

The coating provides excellnt protection to stainless steel and ferrous alloys,and will operate at temperatures up to1200°F (650°C)

SermeTel® coating types :

  1. SermeTel® 5380 DP
  2. SermeTel® 5380 OS
  3. SermeTel® 6F-1
  4. SermeTel® 2F-1


SermeTel® coating should be used on any component where serious concerns are corrosion and erosion protectection, tight tolerances, and surface finish, or where the potential for media entrepment is possible due to part configuration. On dimensionally critical surfaces, precision coating thicknesses of as thin as 0.3 mils (7.5 µm) can be achieved.

  • Does not require media finishing to achieve final surface finish
  • Compressibilty support mating surfaces
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent surfces finish


The aerodynamic finish of SermeTel® coating makes it ideal for any gas path turbine component, such as compressor blades, Vanes and shroud assemblies, and diffusers. Similar SermeTel® topcoated systems have seen millions of hours of successful service in military and commercial aviation and industrial turbines.


SermaLon® coating system was developed primarily to provide antifouling and corrosion protection to driven compressor components and industrial gas turbine components and industrial gas turbine components exposed to wet chloride attack , as well as steam turbine components

The SermaLon® coating system consists of :

  • An aluminum-filled chromate/phosphate bond coat
  • An intermediate high temperature polymeric inhibitive coating
  • A PTFE-impregnated topcoat that provides a barrier against corrosion and excellent resistance to fouling


The Benefits of using SermaLon® coating include :

  • Smooth surface finish and PTFE impregnated contribute to performance recovery and reduced fouling rate
  • Superior resistance to acid rain, deicing fluids, decontamination fluids, hydraulic fluids, lube oils, and jet fuels
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Continuous protection against relative humidity to 100 percent, and wih continuous salt/mist in air
  • Excellent coating ductility
  • No hydrogen embrittlement problems
  • High resistance to corrosion fatigue
  • Excellent resistance to hydrocarbon fouling


Centrifugal compressor exposed to sour gas,

  • Smooth surface finish and PTFE impregnated contribute to performance recovery and reduced fouling rate
  • Wet chlorides or excessive fouling, especially by ethylene and other hydrocarbons
  • Steam turbine components exposed to corrosive steam